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Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Cafeteria Monitor05/22/2020ClassifiedKohfeldt ElementaryApply
Assistant Athletic Trainer (2020-2021)05/21/2020CoachingAthleticsApply
Instructional Aide - Special Education (2020-2021)05/21/2020ClassifiedBlocker Middle SchoolApply
Instructional Specialist - ELAR and Social Studies (2020-2021)05/21/2020CertifiedBlocker Middle SchoolApply
Teacher - 8th Grade Science (2020-2021)05/21/2020CertifiedBlocker Middle SchoolApply
Teacher - Special Education- Life Skills (2020-2021)05/21/2020CertifiedBlocker Middle SchoolApply
Teacher - 2nd Grade (2020-2021)05/21/2020CertifiedRoosevelt-Wilson ElementaryApply
Instructional Aide (2020-2021)05/21/2020ClassifiedRoosevelt-Wilson ElementaryApply
Teacher - English (2020-2021)05/21/2020CertifiedTexas City High SchoolApply
Teacher - Assistant Choir Director (2020-2021)05/21/2020CertifiedTexas City High SchoolApply
Assistant Principal (2020-2021)05/21/2020Campus AdministrativeTexas City High SchoolApply
Summer School Application 2019 - 2020 (Internal Only)05/21/2020CertifiedAssigned CampusApply
Teacher - Kindergarten (2020-2021)05/20/2020CertifiedLa Marque ElementaryApply
Teacher - Kindergarten Bilingual (2020-2021)05/20/2020Elementary CertifiedLa Marque PrimaryApply
Teacher - 4th Grade (ELAR) (2020-2021)05/20/2020CertifiedLa Marque ElementaryApply
Teacher - 5th Grade (ELAR) (2020-2021)05/20/2020CertifiedLa Marque ElementaryApply
School Nurse (2020-2021)05/20/2020ClassifiedLa Marque PrimaryApply
Teacher - Social Studies/ Coach (2020-2021)05/20/2020CertifiedTexas City High SchoolApply
Teacher - Kindergarten (2020-2021)05/20/2020CertifiedHeights ElementaryApply
Teacher-Science /Coach (2020-2021)05/20/2020CertifiedLa Marque High SchoolApply
Teacher - 6th Grade Math (2020-2021)05/20/2020CertifiedLevi Fry IntermediateApply
Instructional Aide - Special Education - Life Skills (2020-2021)05/20/2020ClassifiedLevi Fry IntermediateApply
Teacher -Math 7/8 (2020-2021)05/20/2020CertifiedWoodrow Wilson DAEPApply
Transportation Director (2020-2021)05/18/2020TransportationTransportationApply
Teacher - 4th Grade (ELAR) (2020-2021)05/14/2020Elementary CertifiedLa Marque PrimaryApply
Teacher - 2nd Grade (2020-2021)05/14/2020CertifiedLa Marque ElementaryApply
Teacher - 4th Grade Bilingual (2020-2021)05/14/2020CertifiedLa Marque PrimaryApply
Teacher - 5th Grade (ELAR) (2020-2021)05/14/2020CertifiedLa Marque PrimaryApply
Teacher - 6th Grade Science (2020-2021)05/14/2020CertifiedLevi Fry IntermediateApply
7th Grade Language Arts Teacher (2020-2021)05/14/2020CertifiedBlocker Middle SchoolApply
Teacher - Math (2020-2021)05/07/2020CertifiedTexas City High SchoolApply
Teacher - First Grade (2020-2021)05/07/2020CertifiedGuajardo ElementaryApply
Teacher - 3rd Grade ELAR (2020-2021)05/07/2020CertifiedHeights ElementaryApply
Attendance Clerk (2020-2021)05/07/2020ClassifiedBlocker Middle SchoolApply
Teacher - Math (2020-2021)05/04/2020CertifiedTexas City High SchoolApply
Teacher - Special Education (2020-2021)05/04/2020CertifiedRoosevelt-Wilson ElementaryApply
Elementary Instructional Specialist (2020-2021)05/04/2020CertifiedLevi Fry IntermediateApply
Teacher - Pre-K (2020-2021)05/01/2020CertifiedCalvin Vincent HeadstartApply
Teacher - Math (2020-2021)05/01/2020CertifiedTexas City High SchoolApply
Teacher - Music (2020-2021)05/01/2020CertifiedLa Marque PrimaryApply
Elementary Counselor (2020-2021)05/01/2020CertifiedLa Marque PrimaryApply
Reading Interventionist (2020-2021)05/01/2020CertifiedHeights ElementaryApply
Teacher - 2nd Grade (2020-2021)05/01/2020CertifiedHeights ElementaryApply
Elementary Counselor (2020-2021)04/28/2020CertifiedKohfeldt ElementaryApply
Teacher - 1st Grade (2020-2021)04/28/2020CertifiedHeights ElementaryApply
Instructional Aide - Special Education (2020-2021)04/28/2020ClassifiedCalvin Vincent HeadstartApply
Instructional Aide - Special Education (2020-2021)04/28/2020ClassifiedCalvin Vincent HeadstartApply
Instructional Aide - Special Education (2020-2021)04/28/2020ClassifiedCalvin Vincent HeadstartApply
Instructional Aide - Bilingual (2020-2021)04/28/2020ClassifiedCalvin Vincent HeadstartApply
Bilingual Instructional Specialist (2020-2021)04/23/2020CertifiedAssigned CampusApply